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WELCOME TO Lion Leather

We At Lion Leather are one of the professional manufacturers of souvenir/advertisement/promotional and soft toys for play kids in Sialkot - Pakistan.

We started our own manufacturing from 2004 and initially we started manufacturing mini boxing gloves which used for hanging in the car mirror. by passing the time with customer requirements we also started Juggling balls, Boccia balls, Baseball for playing, as well as keychains in every form like keychain for boxing products, keychain for football products and this is not enough. we are also manufacturing soft items (such as soft footballs, soft rugby balls and boxing set all these for play kids)

We are more than a decade manufacturing these items professionally.
We are also happy to invite you to come to Pakistan for any contract or on the base regular supply of our products and visit our promotional items physically.

We are also happy to inform you that each and every souvenier or play kids products which you can see in our website or in production pictures are completely manufactured in our factory and not copied from any other website because every product which displayed on our website we physically all products have with same designs in our record which we can show you if you would like to visit us so that you can be satisfy that we are a real manufacture.

Featured Products


Art No : LL-1051 Front Side

Soft Football For Play Kids

Art No : LL-871

Mini Boxing Gloves

Art No : LL-2070

Boxing Gloves

Art No : LL-1501

Boxing Gloves Keychain

Art No : LL-378

Judo Jacket Keychain

Art No : LL-491

Juggling Balls

Art No : LL-101

MMA Gloves Keychain

Art No : LL-401